Today, Wednesday, June 9 and next Wednesday, June 16, Trenton Public Schools (TPS) is opening their doors to find qualified educators and employees to fill over 150 vacant job openings. On the spot walk-in interviews will be held for those who attend.

During today’s job fair, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 108 N. Clinton Ave, Trenton Public Schools will be on the search for teachers. Specifically, the schools are in need of bilingual educators for Trenton’s growing hispanic population as well as special education teachers. According to James DiDonato, Executive Director of Human Resources at Trenton Public Schools, there are 30 bilingual teacher openings and 20 special education openings.

“The hardest to fill position is bilingual elementary, and bilingual middle school and high school positions,” said DiDonato. “Trenton has a high Spanish speaking population, and many of our students qualify for bilingual programs, so [for] teachers who are fluent in Spanish and have the bilingual credentials, we have many vacancies there. We’re trying to recruit as many bilingual teachers as possible.”

Additionally to bilingual and special education openings, Trenton Public Schools is also on a mission to hire math teachers, science teachers, educators to work for their Child Study Team and intervention teachers, which TPS calls “Learning Loss teachers”.

“We have 38 learning loss teachers,” said DiDonato. “They’re like interventionists for reading and math, and those are for the elementary schools.”

On Wednesday, June 16, also from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 108 N. Clinton Ave, TPS will expand its search from educators and will be looking to hire support staff. These positions include bus drivers, custodians, secretaries and more.

According to DiDonato, COVID-19 played a part in the amount of vacancies available at TPS. Some openings are due to the loss of jobs over the remote learning period, jobs which TPS is hoping to re-secure at this fair. Other open positions were created due to the high need of maintenance on school grounds.

“Bus drivers were not driving buses for us for for quite some time. So, they either left us or are right now unemployed, and we’re trying to bring some of them back,” said DiDonato. “[However,] we’re able to hire more custodians because of COVID, and making sure that we have the best health and safety protocols in our building.”

As TPS returns to a somewhat “normal” operation, having opened their doors to students just last month, the schools are hoping to find dedicated and passionate teachers looking to further the education of eager students in the Trenton community.

“That’s what Trenton’s all about, right?” said DiDonato, “working together, building community, and if we fill our vacancies with the Trenton community, that also supports the community as well.”

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