With the escalated concern in public health and safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical resources are becoming increasingly vital. To lend a helping hand, United Way of Greater Mercer County (UWGMC) has partnered with organizations Olight and Firmenich to meet the needs of the urgent time.

Yesterday, October 1, 2020, all three organizations joined efforts and donated 50,000 surgical masks and over 50 gallons of hand sanitizer to the frontline workers at St. Francis Medical Center of Trenton. In an attempt to support a safer community, UWGMC has also coordinated with Olight to donate an additional $15,000 to St. Francis and their hospitals working to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Daniel P. Moen, President and CEO of St. Francis Medical Center said, “This means so much to the St. Francis team and the patients we serve.”

By partnering with Olight and Firmenich, UWGMC hopes to propel a safer environment for the frontline workers of St. Francis in Trenton through their donation as well as provide an inclusive community where Mercer County residence can thrive in the foreseeable future.

Barry Gould, Director of Supply Chain & Clinical Engineering at St. Francis Medical Center said, Our sincere appreciation to our partners at Olight, Firmenich, and United Way of Greater Mercer County for demonstrating their commitment to keeping our medical professionals safe.”

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