Valentine’s Day is coming and so is Andy Kahn. Both of them will be in Trenton on Friday, February 14th at Ellarslie, the home of the Trenton City Museum in Cadwalader Park. Once again, romance and love are in the air at Ellarslie Mansion, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Philadelphia jazz legend Andy Kahn enchants his audiences with his affable personality and obvious love for the music he plays and sings. Rooted in standards and jazz, Andy’s concerts bring to life the songs that shape our history and portray our daily existence.

The charming Andy Kahn doing what he does best

Warm up your February with music amidst the beautiful atmosphere of the region’s best loved art and history museum. Hors d’oeuvres and beverages are included in the ticket price: $35 for the general public and $30 for members. Proceeds support the collections and programs of the Trenton Museum Society.

Andrew Kahn (born in 1952 in Philadelphia and frequently credited as Andy Kahn) is a music composer, arranger and producer who was most active in the dance and disco scene beginning in the late 1970s. In 1978, he wrote and produced Karen Young’s song, “Hot Shot”, for West End Records. He is a frequent adjunct presenter at preparatory and charter schools, colleges and universities, lecturing on The Great American Songbook, and on Jazz Harmony & Improvisation. Andy Kahn is currently a voting member for The Recording Academy Grammy Awards. First book published Jan 2019 – “The HOT SHOT Heard ‘Round The World – A Musical Memoir.”

In addition to his primo piano and velvet voice, Andy is also known for his profound pondering. Below he answers his own question, “what is music by intention?”

The songs with their melodies and their lyrics. They are the essence of our lives. Composers and lyricists write from their own experiences. About friendship. About love. About yearning. About euphoria. About heartbreak. Joy. Sadness. Happiness. Abandonment. Loves desired. Loves found. Loves lost. Loves found again. Creation. Destruction. Renewal. Promise. Despair. Gain. Loss. Growth. Success.

This is the human condition. We can’t escape it. We are, after all, human. It is, and remains the INTENTION of all composers and lyricists to document what it is about being human that keeps us at it, keeps us alive. They show us the way. They confirm what we already know in our hearts and minds, but most people are unable to express it. So they do it for us. And in so doing, they influence us throughout our lifetimes. They influence future generations with the thumbprints they place upon previous ones. We’re affected by the compositions. We’re moved to smile, to frown, to shed tears of sadness and weep with the joy invoked in us. Our spirit is transformed by the songs of our lives. This is Music by Intention.


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