Aimed at expanding the economic development of the city, project Vision Trenton aspires to revitalize the city with through a landmark larger than life. A project managed by the Kiwanis Club of Trenton, specifically, the purpose of building a large, mesmerizing monument is to bring more attention to the great city of Trenton, ultimately reminding residents and visitors of the city’s grand history and significant potential.

In addition to the Trenton Kiwanis Club, the Vision Trenton partnership includes representatives from Greater Trenton, the Trenton Rotary, Princeton Partners, Inc., the City of Trenton, the Trenton Public Schools, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, the Trenton Downtown Association, the Trenton Police Department, the Smith Family Foundation, Crossroads of the American Revolution, the Hiltonia Association, and interested Trentonians.

Vision Trenton will hold an orientation meeting open only to interested TCHS students on February 3 at 2:15 p.m. at Trenton Central High School.

Vision Trenton’s next meeting will be on Monday, February 10, 2020 at 2:15 p.m. at Trenton Central High School. All are welcome to participate and Vision Trenton is happy to visit any group to explain the initiative. For more information, please contact Mike McCormick at (609) 208-9991 or email at

During the summer of 2019, Vision Trenton was primarily introduced to the elementary participants of the Trenton Police Department’s Youth Academy Summer Camp, who were overly excited to hear that such a tremendous project was soon to make its way into the city. Exhilarated, especially knowing that their ideas were to contribute to the final product, the camp participants came up with a multitude of ideas for the project, including, but not limited to, the building of a huge golden chicken nugget. As the project Vision Trenton continues to develop, the next phase of its process involves the creative students of Trenton Central High School.

Not only is Vision Trenton a project geared toward involving the community in its creation, but it also serves as a way for students to be rewarded for their contribution to their community. Awards for the winning model of the landmark and runner up prizes range from Six Flags tickets to gift cards, the largest reward amounting to $2,500.

As the hunt for fresh ideas continues, Vision Trenton will be partnering with the Princeton Arc Prep class (made possible by the Princeton University School of Architecture) of TCHS to allocate participants. The next event to be held in which both members of the Arc Prep class and facilitators of Vision Trenton will be present is at Portfolio Day held at Princeton University. On Portfolio Day, students of the Princeton Arc Prep class, accompanied by friends, family, and faculty will showcase the work they have created in the past semester as well as receive feedback for their creations.

Portfolio Day will take place on January 28, 2020 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the South Gallery of the Princeton University School of Architecture.

For more information regarding project Vision Trenton, such as how to enter the competition, visit to learn more.

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