One Simple Wish, an organization whose goal is to make wishes come true for disadvantaged children, is looking for native Trentonians to aid their cause. With help from the community, donations and volunteers, the many wishes of children who are ill, in foster care, or victims of trauma, can continue to be fulfilled.

Granting a wish is just the start of the work that the organization has been doing since 2006. Staff at One Simple Wish strive to make sure that every child’s voice is being heard, no matter how much or how little each individual child has suffered. With the support of the Trenton community, the organization hopes to gain more volunteers, networks with other organizations, and financial support to help bring smiles back to the faces of hurting children.

In addition to volunteer requests, the organization’s website has a page set up for donations where individuals can either grant a wish, join their monthly giving program, start a yearly wish fund, donate luggage, or submit a wish on behalf of an impacted child.

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