After spending close to 30 years working in the corporate world, Bob Kirby felt it was time to do something different. Exercising is more than something he does, it’s an essential part of how he lives and is the reason why he founded Bob’s Fun Fitness LLC, a National Institute on Aging GO4LIFE partner, that helps seniors stay fit.

Bob’s late parents lived in a senior home, so he was accustomed to being around elderly people and helping them move about and exercise. After obtaining his CPR/AED credentials and certification as a Senior Fitness Specialist, Bob volunteered for the State of New Jersey teaching “Project Healthy Bones” classes in Trenton for those at risk of, or who currently had, Osteoporosis. Eventually, Bob decided to create his own Active Aging program with an emphasis on balance and deep breathing including stretching, movement, strength, yoga and meditation.

Bob teaches up to 85-minute classes at the Trenton Free Public Library and other libraries in Mercer County. All library classes are free for participants.

“While there are no age restrictions, it averages in the seventies with my oldest being in her mid-nineties,” said Kirby. “In every single class I teach, chairs are set up in a circle so that anybody can sit in them whenever they would like. By the end, everyone is ready to sit and meditate to relaxing or nature sounds. And for many, my class becomes a social event and gets them out of the house.”

“My goal is to expose seniors to exercise by providing fitness classes that are free (or low cost), safe, get people moving to fun music in a social setting with a focus on balance, deep breathing, and meditation,” added Kirby.

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