Aren’t we all looking for that secret to health and longevity? Everywhere we look we see the newest health trend or idea but what exactly is the secret? Well, one Trenton native and entrepreneur has found a piece of the secret.

Ginga Blast is organically infused honey with holistic and 100% organic ingredients that have been used for years due to its associated health benefits. The product was founded by Trenton native and entrepreneur Sharee Randall after his mother unfortunately passed away after her battle with cancer. He began researching healthy and natural food options that would promote a healthier life and body. A bottle of Ginga Blast consists of raw honey infused with organic: ginger, lemon zest, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and black pepper

Ginga Blast can be eaten raw like honey or mixed in your favorite tea, milk or water. It also goes well on toast as a substitute for butter or mix it in with your daily cup of coffee.

Randall has gone on to become a rather successful entrepreneur in the Washington D.C. area, but has not forgotten his Trenton roots. He recently teamed up with Reggie Hallett from Trenton’s 1911 Smokehouse to create Trenton’s own special sauce, 1911 Blasted Honey BBQ Sauce. In the same way Washington D.C. has Mambo sauce, Trenton now has 1911 Blasted.

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