“All In the Family” is an exhibit that focuses on art as a family endeavor and the roles that both artists and their family members play in the art community. As visual artists, our work is displayed, examined, judged, and awarded in large part because we have a strong support system in our families. Their encouragement, advice, and business support gives us the ability to pursue our passions and inspires us to strive for excellence. This exhibit seeks to honor the art life within our families and the larger art community created by our joint families.

The exhibit highlights four families comprised of more than one artist. Each artist family will create a joint piece of art that speaks to their relationship or art life together. Each artist will also have one solo piece exhibited that speaks to their own individual artistic journey. The artists have been curated to reflect a wide range of art styles, from ceramic to digital art, photography to painting and drawing. The group is comprised of full-time visual artists, young student artists, and partially retired artists. The exhibit will also feature black and white photographs, curated from various artist families in the larger art community, that illustrate artist families at various art events.

Located in the Community Gallery,All in the Family – Group Exhibition will be curated by Laura Beard and be on display from April 30 – June 1. There is an opening reception on May 4th from 7-9pm.

Participating artists include: Laura and Noah Beard, Richard and Sarah DeFalco, Vinita and Gazal Mathur, Ivia Yawelow and Joy Kreves.

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http://artworkstrenton.org/all-in-the-family-group-exhibition/?fbclid=IwAR3vaEhQktfo9QyHscL-Fw4uWRWNVMh4vLK7wljG4drEwBd3DcFBnXXoylE .


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