At the corner of Lamberton and Lalor streets above Route 29 sits 6.5 acres of beauty in the Capital City. South Riverwalk Park offers Trentonians and more a picturesque landscape of Trenton’s riverfront along with playgrounds, pavilions, bikeways and pathways, a historic interpretive area and an urban streetscape. The park was given to Mercer County by the State in 2004.

As patrons enter in from Lamberton Street they enter upon a tour of Trenton’s history beginning with prehistoric settlers venture through Trenton’s incorporation as a city, walk past the arrival of Switlik Survival Products, and their time traveling walk leads them up to the current day.

As patrons come up to the “circle of peace” they will encounter a large playground and nearby pavilion offering patrons shade and youth recreational opportunities.

One can calmly stroll along the elegant pedestrian paths but has to sometimes be careful for a Trenton youth zipping past on their tricycle.

As one finishes up this historic and scenic route they come up to a view of Thunder’s Arm & Hammer Park and the large pond and waterfall down below. One can often see Trenton’s batdog “Rookie” taking an afternoon stroll around the waterfall.

South Riverwalk Park is an elegant scene for all from dusk until dawn.

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