What started off as a small personal goal, Arlee’s Raw Blends is now on its way to becoming New Jersey’s premier pressed juicery. Its next stop on this journey is happening now on Warren Street in Trenton, New Jersey. The official grand opening took place on Wednesday, 12/11/2019.

It all started when co-owner Paula Taylor, then a new mother, aspired to try something new and better her health by following a 21-day juice cleanse. Having successfully completed the cleanse, Paula was shocked at the profound results (weight loss, boost of energy, glowing skin, etc.). Fascinated by the new beneficial changes to her health and wellness, the task of preparing the fresh juices turned out to be an issue for the new mother, for doing so was rather tedious and time consuming and did not coincide with her busy schedule.

Infatuated with the freshly squeezed juices, Paula’s frustration grew immensely, as she had come to discover that a pressed juicery was nowhere to be found near her in the Princeton area. Brian Moore dedicated himself to experimenting with and crafting organic juice blends. A couple of recipes later, Arlee’s Raw Blends was born.

The goal of the establishment was not primarily focused on making the Moores lives more convenient. When creating their business, the Moores wanted to share the glory of healthy living with the entire community. So, they began selling their juices to the public at the Trenton Farmers Market in 2013. Solely operating a couple days out of the week was an inconvenience to some customers, and so, to fulfill their desire of making healthy living accessible among all communities, Arlee’s Raw Blends decided to open up shop in Princeton. Sticking to their initiative, Arlee’s Raw Blends has now expanded their services with another pressed juicery in Trenton, specifically on Warren Street. Not only do they envision making clean eating more accessible to various communities, but Arlee’s Raw Blends also hopes to, “… employ more residents of Trenton,” says co-owner Brian Moore.

“We are very excited to bring health and wellness to the community and to share food that we love with the community,” stated Moore.

For more information regarding the juice-way of healthy living, visit https://www.arleesrawblends.com and be sure to stop by Arlee’s Raw Blends for green, clean, and freshly squeezed goodness.

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