Known for his work at Cure Insurance Arena (Trenton, New Jersey), the Walter C Black School Playground (Hightstown, New Jersey), the Drumthwacket Youth Street Art Project (Princeton, New Jersey), and many other creative projects, murals and collaborations throughout the City of Trenton, Leon Rainbow has worked hard to put together an incredible portfolio of vibrant and amazing street art. His work has inspired a new generation of street artists.

From a young age, Rainbow was taught how to create simple block letters and, since then, has been drawing and feeding his passion for creating meaningful pieces of art. Deeply connected with the culture of hip hop, he continued to build on this artistic foundation he developed from an early age and decided to run in his own individual direction. His art then became more exaggerated and, over time, more elaborate.

“My art is a fusion of life and imagination. I take graffiti and morph it with fine art, combine it with an underlying message. This allows me to reach a wide variety of people. The image relates more to youth, the message to adults. My design pulls them together bringing them to the middle ground to which they relate,” Stated Rainbow.

A Trenton-based artist, Rainbow utilized his artistic foundation to combine graffiti with other popular styles of street art to create his own sense of individuality in the art world. He has collaborated with different artists, foundations, businesses and organizations to create and lead some beautiful pieces of art and community-oriented initiatives (like the projects mentioned in the first paragraph).

As mentioned above, Rainbow has dedicated much of his time to teaching Trenton youth about his art and what it means to be an artist. Having taught several different workshops for the Trenton After-School Program, Rainbow has curated two separate art festivals for local painters and artists in New Jersey. Throughout his life Rainbow used his work and knowledge of Graffiti Art History to re-mold the idea of his style of art and send a positive message to the general public.

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