For 24 hours, join in on the annual, free celebration of art and the community. Art All Night will be returning for the 13th year on June 15 and 16 at Roebling Wire Works and Millyard Park, which is adjacent.

“Art. Community. Nonviolence. These three words are now inseparable to us and are integral to our mission serving the Greater Trenton region,” said Joseph Kuzemka, Art All Night Director in the Artworks press release for the return of the event.

Art All Night is a 24-hour event in Trenton where artists can showcase their abilities, no matter how skilled they are. Trenton’s Artworks has been hosting this annual event for the community to promote diversity and creativity of all people.

After the tragedy of last year’s Art All Night, there will be changes in security to ensure that guests and participants can enjoy the event as they have in the past. Inside and outside the building there will be controlled access in addition to the full outdoor perimeter being fenced off, according to the Artworks press release.

In December of 2018, Artworks posted on their website that they would be rebuilding the event, using “#RebuildAAN”, after some questioned if the event would take place again. They were asking for donations to not only rebuild the annual event, but to promote “a symbol of harmony for all our communities.”

Artworks Executive Director Lauren Otis spoke on the phone about the event. He remarked about the journey it has been but emphasized the fact that there has been a lot of effort put into rebuilding it.

The event will be “open to all, but you will have to go through a security check,” according to Otis. This is all a part of Artworks’ vision to rebuild the event with safer precautions. He urged that people should check in with Artworks’ social media and website for more information regarding safety checks and what is restricted from the event as it gets closer.

“This may be frustrating but ultimately is for the security and safety of all. Art All Night needs to come back, but it needs to come back to Trenton in a way we can all be proud of, and all feel secure in being a part of,” said Otis in the press release.

There are opportunities to submit your art, vend the event, perform live, create installations and demos, and to volunteer. They also are accepting donations. All information regarding this event can be found on

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