From April 25th to May 25th, the BSB Gallery will be exhibiting Split Ends. Atisha Fordyce and Quinci Baker’s Split Ends is a gripping exhibition of innovative works that explore roots and identity. They describe the exhibit in the following manner:

Split Ends is a collaborative exhibition of multimedia works and installation. In an exploration of collective identity, Artists Atisha Fordyce and Quinci Baker illustrate the settling of roots and creation of home in lands unknown.

Inspired by maroon cultures in the Americas, Fordyce and Baker’s use of landscape and the interior merge in an investigation of safe spaces as well as the overlap of displacement and resistance historically.

Fordyce’s drawings on surfaces, reference the body through figurative depictions, while Baker’s drawings in space use repetitive forms in assemblages that encourage the viewer to activate the pieces. Their works divulge secret languages that develop through the collective experiences of marginalized people.

While referencing family traditions under-recognized and overlooked in the art world, they revere them as forms of resistance; activism. Fordyce’s investment with the notions of home and family as subjects create ways to access memories, which characteristically morph each time they are accessed. She simply catches them in their midst. Baker arranges cultural imagery in the form of visual apothegms. She declares the human body as a force of nature and uses politics and history to corroborate that narrative. Baker and Fordyce both received their BFA’s from the Cooper Union School of Art in 2016.


The BSB Gallery is located at 143 East State Street Ste.4. Gallery hours are Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 11AM – 5PM. For more information visit

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