The economy has produced a good number of prospective buyers and thousands of desirable houses for sale in the Mercer County region. The best part is that prices haven’t become wildly expensive (as was the case in 2004-6). However, before you go looking for a bargain home, you probably need to do a little homework.

At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 27, Base Camp Trenton, Upstream United & The African American Cultural Collaborative of Mercer County are holding a forum to learn all about personal credit scores and what they mean to a lender who is evaluating you for a mortgage on your home. Many folks pay for this type of advice, but this workshop is free. You do need to register and get a ticket at The forum will be held at the offices and meeting rooms of Base Camp Trenton, 247 East Hanover Street.

The presenter, Mien Mombo III, a certified financial education instructor, will walk you through the key concepts involved in creditworthiness and in residential lending practices. These important topics include:

  • How your credit score is determined
  • What represents a good credit score
  • How to get your FREE credit report and score
  • Five strategies to BOOST your credit score

Base Camp Trenton grew out of the need for flexible, affordable office space in downtown Trenton in 2014. In its own small way, it has helped launch nonprofit organizations, small businesses and even a charter school in Trenton. The founders encourage the diverse communities of the City to leverage the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of New Jersey’s capital.  Located at 247 East Front Street, their affordable office spaces come in three types: shared co-working, single use meeting rooms and private offices. They are set up to be an excellent workspace for individuals, small teams and simply those individuals who need a quiet, organized place to work for the day. All spaces come equipped with desks, wifi and printers.

Base Camp Trenton, 247 East Front Street

Upstream United is a company that provides personal finance and money management services; offering strategies and actions steps to reduce debt and increase wealth. They provide financial empowerment; education and guidance that encourage youth, families and communities to build savings, reduce debt and strengthen credit worthiness to enable wealth building. They collaborate with non-profit organizations and educational institutions to connect, engage and empower the communities they serve. Learn more at

The African American Cultural Collaborative of Mercer County is a community service nonprofit located at 20 South Montgomery Street (P.O Box 34), Trenton 08601, with a phone at (609) 474-4073. In the words of its mission statement, “TAACC Educates, Empowers, and Unites Africans in the diaspora through cultural arts, health and wellness, entertainment, and sports. We strive to educate the community on the African diaspora with the inclusion of people from all racial backgrounds. This collaboration presents genuine opportunities to solidify community relations and celebrate our rich history and heritage at multiple venues. More at Email Address:

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