Many businesses  across the city of Trenton have altered their hours or closed in response to the COVID-19 Health Emergency. While Base Camp is temporarily closed due to New Jersey’s well-defined social distancing policies, the organization is supporting local businesses through its COVID-19 community page. Given the profound impact this continues to have on local businesses, Base Camp has compiled a living list (updated daily) of local Trenton businesses that are ready to take your order. 

Ordering online or purchasing a gift card helps businesses in the short run with an immediate influx of income and gives you a reminder to visit closed businesses when they reopen.

As part of this initiative, Base Camp is asking all Trenton business owners to fill out a quick form about how customers can order products or goods online, or buy gift cards, by clicking this link to be added to the page.

For the complete up to date list of local businesses, visit:


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