With the number of people being hospitalized from COVID-19 rising daily, individuals around the country are blowing through their inventory of disposable garments. In order to keep this waste out of landfills, Trenton born company TerraCycle has come up with an eco-friendly solution to combat this issue.

TerraCycle’s “Zero Waste Boxes” is a way to help these disposable products (gloves, hazmat suits, hairnets and earplugs) remain out of your local landfill. This initiative gives people the option to choose from a selection of differently priced boxes. Prices range from $42 on up (depending on how much you need to recycle), covering the needs of the average family to essential businesses.

TerraCycle’s Global Vice President Lauren Taylor said, “it’s important for people to remember not to let recycling go by the wayside, especially with COVID where people are using a lot of disposable items.” Taylor also mentioned that TerraCycle offers free recycling programs on its website at www.terracycle.com. These national recycling programs provide solutions for typically hard-to-recycle waste streams. TerraCycle and Colgate, for example, have partnered up to create a recycling program for oral care product packaging, which also acts as a fundraising opportunity enabling people to raise money for a school in order to build a new “recycled” playground for children.

“I would encourage people to look into our program and find a solution whether it be the zero waste boxes or our free recycling programs,” Taylor said. The company wants to make sure that people don’t put recycling to the wayside just because of the pandemic. It is important for people to practice “green” habits so that when life returns to normal, we are not faced with another monumental problem.

If you would like more information on TerraCycle please visit their website at www.terracycle.com , or if you would like more information on TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Boxes please visit www.zerowasteboxes.terracycle.com.

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