Known for its colonial aesthetic, West Trenton is also notable for its central hub, Cadwalader Park.

Over the years, Cadwalader Park has shifted in terms of its main attractions. Once known for being a mini-amusement park, having been equipped with a merry-go-round, and also as “zoological garden”, housing a variety of animals including birds, deer, monkeys, and even a black bear, Cadwalader Park today, can be declared as being in its most simplistic state.

The 109.5 acre park, because of its massive space, can accommodate to a variety of recreational activities such as basketball, tennis, rollerblading, bike riding, picnicking, etc.

Aside from soaking up the sun and being active at the park, other visitors come to bask in the great history of the recreational ground, for the park does house a statue of civil engineer John Roebling and is home to the Trenton City Museum.

While enjoying the park’s playground and discovering the park’s past is alluring, Cadwalader Park is also the ideal place to unwind. A spot perfect for doing so is along the bridge that hovers over the Delaware and Raritan Canal. This cozy setting, where the sunlight shines just right, makes relaxing hard to resist. Walking across the bridge, taking in the beautiful scenery, or sitting on the stairs that rest by the canal are small, yet extremely peaceful activities one can do to relax. With the company of a good read, friends, or even a furry companion, this space can be utilized for the utmost relaxation.

A quiet place in a large and lively city can be hard to find. The next time you’re in the West Trenton area and are in search of peace, visit Cadwalader Park (299 Parkside Ave, Trenton, NJ) , where tranquility is as abundant as gold in a mine.

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