On August 8th, 2019, Greater Trenton representatives, CEO George Sowa and Marketing Vice President Bryan Evans, sat down with Mayor Reed Gusciora and Chris Ermer to record an episode of WBCB’s podcast Trenton Today.

The podcast recording took place at Trenton’s Starbucks on 102 South Warren Street, one of the many places established as part of the city’s great revitalization. Focused on the new and exciting events and initiatives in the works for the city of Trenton, the podcast highlighted the grand opening of the newly renovated Trenton Central High School, programs to bolster a positive perception of the city and other key efforts to enhance redevelopment.

“We are moving forward and the motivation is here, even from the residents themselves,” stated Mayor Reed Gusciora.

George Sowa and Bryan Evans, as featured guests, discussed Greater Trenton’s mission and various highlights including the organization’s residential whitepaper to entice state employees to live and work in the Downtown; Trenton’s high propensity and recognition as a burgeoning tech town; TrentonDaily as a growing source of positive news about the city; and other key points of progress on the residential, commercial and marketing front.

“We really try to work with city, county, state, and other key stakeholders within the city and outside the city to make good things happen here in Trenton,” said Greater Trenton CEO George Sowa.

“This year, we’re particularly excited about our Journalism and Communications Scholarship and Internship Program where we engage with Trenton Central High School students who work as part of our editorial team and write positive stories about the city,” said Greater Trenton Marketing Vice President Bryan Evans.

Relating to Greater Trenton’s mission, the four spoke at length about the city’s massive potential. Some points touched upon during the conversation involved Trenton’s incredible history, culture, and arts. The four not only spoke about Trenton’s power as a hot spot for business and economic development, but also about how the city is enriched with a tremendous amount of unique buoyancy that cannot be found elsewhere.

To listen to this episode or other episodes of the Trenton Today podcast, visit http://www.wbcb1490.com/trenton-today/.

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