Temporarily shut down for a few days during June, The Boys & Girls Club of Mercer County Bicycle Exchange will be back up and running this Saturday, June 6th. Located in the Capital Plaza on North Olden Avenue, the public will have the ability to drop off used bicycles in need of repair. The all-volunteer organization will then repair and refurbish all used bicycles with the use of a mask, devotion, and social distancing, making them ready for use again.

Ranging from starters to experienced, this organization is filled with many volunteers who are committed to contributing service to the community while engaging in hands-on work.

“We’re so thrilled to be able to contribute during these difficult times, and families are so grateful to get bikes to enjoy outside and at such great prices,” says Ira Saltiel, President of the BGC Bicycle Exchange.

As summer starts to approach and weather temperatures rise, many residents of Mercer County are leaving the spots inside their homes to enjoy the warm weather. Children and adults alike are being pushed to engage in an outside activity, and getting a bike from the BGC Bicycle Exchange is a great way to do that.

“Customers are seen one at a time in the shop, and the lines have been out of the door!” Ira Saltiel, President of the BGC Bicycle Exchange says.

Individuals from all over the east coast specifically New York City, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania have been making their way to Mercer County for these bicycles due to the general shortage of bikes everywhere.

Not only are children bicycles ranging from $10 to $60, all earnings from the retail operation will also go towards the Mercer County’s Boys & Girls Club, which will be opening two summer camps this year. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Boys & Girls Bicycle exchange is proud to serve kids in-person this summer, while providing the community with an engaging retail operation it can look forward to.


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