Two major professional baseball organizations have willfully chosen HomeFront to receive a Healthy Relationships Community Grant. With its prime goals of providing children the opportunity to learn, develop healthy meaningful relationships, and support survivors of domestic violence and mental health needs, Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Major League Baseball Players’ Association (MLBPA) have selected ten nonprofits throughout the nation to continue their initiative with the contribution of a 50K grant, with HomeFront being one of them.

The players continue their committed efforts of promoting positive interactions by encouraging healthy relationships and supporting other individuals when needed, and this initiative ensures that their optimism is paid forward.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to assist these extraordinary organizations doing critical work to support vulnerable communities, especially in this time of crisis,” said Melanie LeGrande, Vice President of Social Responsibility, Major League Baseball.

HomeFront, an organization that arranges numerous programs and agendas to assist local children who are homeless or at risk, seek to use this initiative towards increasing programs and staff training that will grant over 400 local children the social-emotional resilience and power they need.

“This is a basic life skill needed for healthy relationships in general,” Chris Marchetti, Director of HomeFront’s Joy, Hopes & Children’s program stated.

HomeFront partakes in many active and supportive roles on a day to day basis. Its Atkinson Child Development Center assists many local families in need with trauma-informed child care, and its Joy, Hopes & Dreams children’s program allows children of school age the possibility of acquiring nurturing life skills, along with tutoring on a six-day a week basis all throughout the year. An enriched summer camp also runs each year.

“I’m thrilled that HomeFront is being recognized on a national stage by MLB and MLBPA for the work we are doing to improve the quality of relationships in our community” HomeFront Founder Connie Mercer said.

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