Bristol Myers Squibb granted $250,000 to the Henry J. Austin Health Center in Trenton to advance health equity. Amid the heightened social unrest of 2020 compounded by the devastating impacts of COVID-19, the Henry J. Austin Health Center is taking a major step forward in addressing health disparities that exist for underserved and minority patients in the Central New Jersey Region.

“The foundation of what we do is steeped in best practices and evidence-based care and that evidence-based care evolves from research. Everything we do in healthcare is from strong, valid research,” said Henry J. Auston CEO, Dr. Kemi Alli. “Too often research completed is not reflective of communities like ours in the City of Trenton. This opportunity to become a clinical research hub will allow us to have foundational work in creating therapies to meet the needs of a specific community; therapies created for and by our community.”

The Health Center, which plans to become a clinical research hub in Trenton, was among the 56 nonprofit organizations to receive a portion of the $11 million awards recently announced by BMS. The grant, which is focused on advancing health equity in the United States, will allow patients from highly diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to participate in future clinical trials at the Henry J. Austin Health Center. This step will ensure the trial data being collected is more reflective of the real world patient population.

“The grant to the Henry J. Austin Health Center is evidence of our commitment to addressing health disparities and clinical trial diversity,” said Adam Lenkowsky, Senior Vice President, General Manager of U.S. Commercial at Bristol Myers Squibb. “Equally important, it shows our support for the people and patients of Central New Jersey; particularly the region’s more vulnerable and underserved residents in Trenton many of whom are neighbors in need.”

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