Letícia Ferri, Bristol Myers Squibb’s Global Lead of the Organization for Latino Achievement, has joined Greater Trenton’s Board of Directors and has also agreed to serve as co-chair of Greater Trenton’s Caren Franzini Capital City Award Event Committee.

“We’re so pleased and excited to welcome Letícia Ferri to our Board and as co-chair of our Caren Franzini Capital City Award Celebration Committee,” said Greater Trenton Chair Kevin Cummings.  “She brings a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to a dynamic group of leaders working together to showcase tremendous assets, build strong collaborations and partnerships, and support economic development projects of cons­equence throughout our Capital City.”

Letícia brings a unique experience as Lead of Bristol Myers Squibb’s Organization for Latino Achievement that spans from working as a physician in the pharmaceutical industry across different global markets such as Brazil, Canada, and the United States; as a physician scientist at the University of São Paulo and University of Toronto; and as a clinician specialized in Endocrinology and Internal Medicine.

“We’re thrilled to have such a highly accomplished individual like Letícia join our Board and to also serve as the co-chair of our Caren Franzini Capital City Award Celebration Committee,” said Greater Trenton CEO George Sowa. “Her passion for education, diversity and inclusion speaks to the core of who we are as an organization and to all that we individually and collectively aspire to be.”

Letícia’s research and academic training includes an MD, Master of Science from Maringá State University in Brazil; Master of Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Toronto in Canada; a PhD from the University of São Paulo in Brazil; and most recently she obtained her Executive MBA from Cornell University.

“I’ve always believed that partnering with great organizations and people is critical to any successful endeavor,” said Letícia. “I am so honored to join Greater Trenton’s Board of Directors to help catalyze economic development efforts in Trenton and to also assist in leading the organization’s Caren Franzini Capital City Award Celebration Committee.”

Letícia’s work at Bristol Myers Squibb involves enhancing business performance by supporting the company’s objectives while simultaneously providing a platform to increase cultural awareness. Her group also fosters an understanding of how Latinos can add value to the business, provides networking and leadership development opportunities, and drives the external reputation of Bristol Myers Squibb through support of national community-based organizations representative of the Latino community.

“A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Letícia Ferri on her appointment to Greater Trenton’s Board of Directors,” said Mike Van Wagner, Vice President of Public Affairs for NJM Insurance Group. “We all look forward to having the benefit of her impressive personal and professional background, and I am especially excited to work with her as co-chairs of Greater Trenton’s Annual Caren Franzini Capital City Award Celebration Committee.”

With the help of dedicated board and committee members, Greater Trenton continues to expand its role in developing and revitalizing Trenton, New Jersey through collaborative partnerships and grassroots initiatives designed to attract more investment, bolster economic vitality, and improve the lives of the residents in New Jersey’s Capital City.

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