On Thursday, February 16th, Artworks Trenton will host the Trenton Children’s Chorus alongside the artist and poet Phillip McConnell for an unforgettable performance. This event will be hosted at Artworks, 19 Everett Alley, Trenton, NJ 08611. The concert will take place from 6-8 pm. Admittance is entirely free of charge. The evening will highlight the vibrancy of Black History in the United States and where this legacy has led in the modern era. Music from the Trenton Children’s Chorus will be interwoven with poetry and art by Phillip McConnell. Each of these artistic mediums will tell a tale of triumph, history, and resilience as we come together to celebrate this year’s Black History Month.

The Trenton Children’s Chorus is a talented collective of some of Trenton’s finest young performers. In addition to providing valuable musical training to participating youth, the Trenton Children’s Chorus remains a powerful resource for the children’s emotional, social, and mental development. Since its founding in 1989, the Trenton Children’s Chorus has been profoundly impacting the lives of these young performers. In Trenton, where approximately 30% of students do not finish high school, 100% of Trenton Children’s Chorus alums attend college. Trenton Children’s Chorus is enriching the lives of our youth and creating the next generation of influential performers in the process.

The art and poetry of Phillip McConnell, a regional multi-disciplinary artist, will complement the Trenton Children’s Chorus. His primary medium is glitch art, incorporating vivid color and image errors to create an animated series of masterpieces. The theme of his artwork contains his lived experiences as a Black creative. Furthermore, McConnell’s work explores themes of philosophy, therapy, emotional intelligence, and even his place in the world. This combination of stunning results and compelling narratives merge to create an immersive visual experience.

The artwork of Phillip McConnell

Arts and culture are critical components in the celebration of Black History Month. The arts tell a story of progress, lived experiences, and hope. Black artists have had a profound impact on the arts community in the United States and beyond but historically have not been adequately recognized for their effects on the broader culture. Events like the Resilience and Joy concert allow for a jubilant celebration of Black creatives past and present while simultaneously serving as a source of inspiration for all that is to come.

The hosts of this beautiful event, Artworks, continually bring immersive art experiences to the Trenton community. The upcoming Black History Month performance is but a glimpse at the comprehensive community programming that Artworks offers year-round. In making the arts more widely accessible to the broader community, an entire world of experiences is opened up to those who may have previously been excluded from these spaces. You can read more about all Artworks has to offer on their website here: Artworks – Home.

This event, a multi-generational celebration of Black history, is sure to be a profound and powerful evening of song. If you have any questions before the festival, please contact Artworks at info@artworkstrenton.org or by calling (609) 394-9436. With resilience and joy at the core of the evening, this experience is sure to be a night to remember.

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