The city of Trenton is flooded with locations up for rent or sale. Located towards the outer perimeter of the city, Circle F Lofts is a modern living community that provides the perfect atmosphere for all household types giving you the opportunity to be nearly in arm’s length of the fast-paced city, Trenton, while also providing the opportunity for suburban living.

Circle F Lofts indoor movie theatre.

Located at 435 Tyler Street , Circle F Lofts includes something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Outdoor arrangements dining tables perfect for hosting all events and functions you could need. A fully stocked Fitness & Yoga center open throughout the day for your convenience. A lounge with a movie theater perfect for late nights. A fully functional laundry facility making chores easier than ever.

A state of art security system utilizes smart locks to ensure that the only those with access to the premises can enter. To learn more visit

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