Although Trenton is known for its bustling downtown community, tucked away is an abundance of nature in our backyard. Cadwalader Park, for example, is a serene natural space filled with rolling hills and abundant plant and animal life. So if you’d like to learn more about the feathered friends who live in our community, you’re invited to explore the world of birds at Cadwalader Park.

Join the City of Trenton on Sunday, May 7th, to celebrate Black Birders Week at one of Trenton’s finest parks. Kicking off at 8 am at Cadwalader Park (36 Parkside, Trenton, NJ 08618), guests of all ages and birding backgrounds will learn how to identify bird species, recognize their calls, and learn more regarding binocular techniques. In addition, guests will have a chance to learn about the region’s common native species and the neotropical songbirds migrating through the area to their ultimate summertime destinations. Before the event, a session will be held at Ellarslie Mansion on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 6 pm to cover birding basics.

This aviary afternoon of events is in celebration of Black Birders Week, an initiative devoted to highlighting the efforts of Black naturalists and nature enthusiasts and increasing the visibility of Black birders. Furthermore, the week is an opportunity to explore how the Black community connects with the outdoors and how we can best respect and honor that presence. This is done in a more significant effort to elevate Black voices in STEM and offer meaningful representation in historically underrepresented communities.

Birding is a fascinating hobby that can offer participants several surprising benefits. When birding, you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time outdoors, giving you access to fresh air, vitamin D from the sun, and all the other perks of a day well spent in the sun. Birding can also have tremendous physical and mental perks, as the hobby can promote mental well-being, lessen mental fatigue, and strengthen relationships with the natural world. Research even finds that time spent in green spaces can reduce the isolation and loneliness often associated with city living. A fun and accessible hobby with countless benefits? Birding certainly sounds pretty “fly” to us!

This event is sponsored by Trenton’s own Department of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture. Throughout the year, this department organizes meaningful community engagement and education events that allow Trentonians to connect with our region’s ecosystems, engage with community members, and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way! In addition, the team is constantly putting together exciting new initiatives throughout the community, so if you’d like to keep up with their exciting calendar of events, please visit their website here: Home – Dept. of Recreation.

If you wish to attend, please contact Jay Watson at for additional details on how to get started. A day of birding and educational fun sounds like a pretty “tweet” deal, so don’t miss the chance to embark on a great new hobby.

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