In just a couple of short years, Americans all across the country will be celebrating the United State’s 250th anniversary. Although the official anniversary is not until July 2026, with a celebration this big, you have to start the planning early! Revolution 250 is doing precisely that, laying the groundwork for the coming patriotic festivities. In partnership with the New Jersey Historical Commission, Crossroads of the American Revolution will be planning observances, commemorations, and more to observe this milestone.

The American Revolution is a fundamental aspect of our nation’s history. Through this war, our country was born, our values were defined, and the United States began to take shape. Fast-forward almost 250 years, and the United States continues to break barriers daily. To celebrate our past, as well as all that is to come, Revolution 250 was forged as a central location for all things semi-quintennial celebrations. This collaboration brings together researchers, stakeholders, and key community members to develop effective educational programs and events. Some of the many exciting developments carved out for the Revolution 250 agenda include:

  • The creation of historical documents and studies
  • Working with agencies responsible for the preservation and
  • Establishing Statewide wayfinding signage for Revolutionary-era sites
  • Establishment of a State American Revolution visitors center
  • Public ceremonies and events, tourism efforts, and more

The NJ Senate passed legislation regarding the establishment of Revolution 250 and the General Assembly in 2018, and planning has been taking place ever since. As we draw nearer to our nation’s 250th, you can expect great excitement and educational opportunities along the way. In the development of this project, a particular emphasis was placed on engaging with the public. Revolution 250 seeks to involve the crowd in many ways,, including public history workshops, curriculum suggestions for teachers, and panel discussions. No matter your age or stage, we can all learn something from this historical era, and Revolution 250 is here to ensure that this knowledge is accessible to all.

New Jersey is exciting for this 250th anniversary, as many significant moments in colonial history happened here in the Garden State. Some of the most iconic moments in New Jersey’s Revolutionary history include the Battle of Trenton, the Battle of Princeton, and the Ten Crucial Days. In addition, George Washington spent more time in New Jersey than any other state throughout the Revolutionary War. With so much incredible history to cover, it’s no wonder the 250th celebrations must get a couple of years underway early!

The devoted members of Crossroads of the American Revolution spearheaded these efforts. This not-for-profit organization was founded to inspire community pride, stewardship, and civic engagement. As one of 55 designated national heritage areas, Crossroads is the only one specificallyighlighting the American Revolution. In tandem with the National Park Service, Crossroads of the Revolution works with dozens of state and local historical sites, local governments, schools, and more to share the story of New Jersey’s profound contributions to our nation’s founding. If you’d like to read more about Crossroads’ initiatives, check out their website here: Home – Crossroads of the American Revolution.

Although 2026 is still a few years away, with a party this big, you have to start planning now! Be sure to keep up with Revolution NJ for all the exciting initiatives leading up to the big celebration. You can keep up with the latest news by visiting the Revolution NJ website here: 250th – Revolution NJ. Let the countdown commence!

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