Every now and then, an archeological discovery can unearth our understanding of the past, presenting brand new perspectives to matters previously considered to be settled history. Whether you work in archeology yourself or just have a knack for history, we all stand to benefit when we are presented with information that allows us to more fully understand the course of our history.

On Thursday, December 28th, you are invited to join the New Jersey State Library for a fascinating discussion, “The Hessians are Coming? How a Discovery at the Red Bank Battlefield is Challenging Public History“. The conversation will be held virtually from 12pm to 1pm, so you can tune in whether you’re here in Trenton or all over the globe. Those interested in attending can register in advanced on Zoom, linked here: NJSL – Register. As always, this webinar is free to attend. Your host for the afternoon will be Dr. Jen Janofsky, the Giordano Fellow in Public History and the Director of Red Bank Battlefield Park.

Not too long ago, in the summer of 2022, a discovery was found at the Red Bank Battlefield which fundamentally transformed our understanding of this region’s role in the Revolutionary War. There, archeologists discovered a mass grave containing 15 soldiers, assumed to be Hessians. This realization, which came as quite a shock to the archeologists on the scene, changes the fundamental understanding of how the Battle of Red Bank is remembered. Dr. Janofsky will guide you as you explore how this grave was discovered, the most recent forensic findings, and how finding this grave has shifted the historical narrative of the battlefield.

Dr. Jen Janofsky, Director of the Red Bank Battlefield Park, will be your guide for this mesmerizing webinar. Jen teaches classes in Public History and American Material Culture, as well as director for the History Department internship program. At the Red Bank Battlefield Park, Jen is responsible for all aspects of park management including park interpretation, educational programs, special events, and exhibits.

This event is a part of this year’s Patriots Week, a week-long celebration of Trenton’s historic role in the Revolutionary War. From December 26th through December 31st, locals can look forward to seeing the community transformed as we immerse ourselves in one of Trenton’s most pivotal periods. Throughout the week, guests can look forward to a jam-packed schedule of activities, including the Colonial Ball, history talks, hands-on projects, and the highly anticipated Battle Reenactment, which is finally back in its full form for the first time since the pandemic. For more information on this year’s Patriots Week, please visit their website, linked here: Patriots Week – Home.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance enrolling for the webinar, please contact the New Jersey State Library team at (609) 278-2640 for further assistance. To learn more about the New Jersey State Library and other upcoming programming at the NJSL, you can check out their website, linked here: NJSL – Home. A whole world of discovery is lurking right beneath your feet, so don’t miss the chance to dig in to New Jersey’s past!

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