Downtown Trenton’s Starbucks is a favorite spot for coffee in the community, but have you ever seen this beloved café transformed into a concert hall? With Dr. Suave in town, there’s a “latte” more in store than your average coffee run!

Dr. Suave will continue his concert series here in the Capital City. On Thursday, April 27th, Thursday, May 11th, and Thursday, June 29th, Dr. Suave and his band will perform live at Starbucks at 102 South Warren Street, Trenton, NJ 08608. From 6-8 pm, Dr. Suave and his talented team of musicians will transform the beloved coffee shop into a concert venue full of music and merriment. This concert is free to attend, so feel free to bring the entire family for an evening of song!

Dr. Alexander Nicolas, or Dr. Suave, is a professional musician, composer, producer, minister, arranger, educator, and instrumental artist. He has also been a member of the Recording Academy for the past twenty years. In addition to being an active voting member of the Recording Academy, he is also involved in the Grammy’s On The Hill initiative. This initiative celebrates the intersection between politics and music, honoring congressional leaders and music creators who have to lead the fight for creators’ rights. During his time as an academy member, he has joined Academy members from across the country in partnership with the advocacy team to fight for the rights of the music industry.

As a local titan in music, Dr. Suave has performed at several notable venues, including Phillies games at Citizens Bank Park and singing the National Anthem for the Philadelphia 76ers. He is also a radio host; You can watch Dr. Suave in action here: Dr. Suave – Phillies Game.

Downtown Trenton’s Starbucks is a staple in the city, and with good reason: Trenton’s location has been dubbed a community store. In addition to the standard Starbucks fare we all know and love, the Starbucks in Trenton is unique because it is designated as a Community Store. Starbucks Community Stores, typically located in underserved communities, are designed to drive economic growth and serve as a shared community space for the unique regions they serve. In addition, these spaces provide employment opportunities, partnerships with local artists, and more, making them a fantastic resource in the city. You can read more about this initiative on Starbucks’ website here: Community Stores.

As it turns out, you don’t have to go further than your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a concert featuring some of the region’s finest acts! If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Suave and his ensemble, you can check out his website here: Home – Dr. Suave. So don’t miss the chance to enjoy an evening of music in the Capital City, be sure to mark your calendars today!

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