Genealogy is a tool that has been utilized for centuries, which empowers families to connect with their heritage and learn more about the generations who came long before them. As the study of genealogy has advanced, we can now use it to gain critical health insights, connect with our ancestors, and learn more about the journey that has led our family to where they are today. Whether you’ve been studying your family tree for years or don’t know much beyond grandpa and grandma, there is always more to be discovered in the history of who you are. Suppose you’re ready to discover the technologies and tools needed to travel down your family tree. In that case, you will not want to miss the New Jersey State Library’s latest upcoming webinar, “A Genealogical Odyssey In the Digital Age: In Search of a Ghost and a Missing Vowel.”

On Tuesday, October 17th, join the New Jersey State Library for a lively genealogy, technology, and research discussion. Throughout the afternoon, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about how the advancement of technology has intersected with our ability to trace our history, unlocking a new world of opportunity for families to explore. The conversation will be held virtually on Zoom from 12 p.m. through 1 p.m. The chat is completely free to attend, although advanced registration is required. If you plan on attending, please sign up as soon as possible by registering here: Zoom – NJSL. The afternoon’s conversation will be led by Carla Zimowsk, a subject matter expert in history, technology, and the intersection of the two studies. 

Carla Zimowsk is the technology manager for the History Department at Princeton University and has decades of experience incorporating the ever-changing technological landscape in her genealogical pursuits. Carla holds a Master’s in Information Studies and a certificate in Digital Asset Management from the Rutgers School of Communication and Information Studies, various technology certifications, and has been published in the Chicago Genealogist. 

During the webinar, Zimowsk will offer audiences critical insights into technology development and how her three-decade journey into her genealogy has been impacted by the use of technology in scholarly historical research. With more data available now than ever, it is the perfect time to begin your genealogical journey. With a transformative trip of her own to share, Zimowsk is prepared with the tools and tips needed for any aspiring genealogist.

If you have any questions or would like additional details before enrolling, please get in touch with the New Jersey State Library at 609-278-2640 for more information. Your family tree is waiting to be explored, so register today!

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