Greater Trenton’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications Bryan Evans joined a diverse group of business leaders, at the Vets Play Business Forum on Thursday, December 12 at the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia, to learn about the impact of Esports, and particularly, how New Jersey’s Capital City could benefit from this growing industry.

OK. So, what exactly is Esports? It’s an explosive billion dollar industry that combines the excitement and technology of video gaming with the exhilarating experience of competitive sports. Often involving organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams, Esports attracts a wide global audience of gamers. Depending on the application, Esports can be a valuable tool for learning and improving skill sets across various industries.

From left to right: Barbara DeMarco, Vice President at Trenton-based Porzio Governmental Affairs; Bryan Evans, Vice President of Marketing & Communication at Greater Trenton; Rosemary Kelley “Nekkra,” professional Esports Gamecaster; and Fred DeAndrea, Senior Director, Government Affairs at Comcast Cable.

Industry leaders at Comcast Spectacor, the Department of Defense, and the University of Harrisburg described how they’re each using Esports to have a positive impact on their communities, customers and students.

Attendees had a chance to interact with Esports experts and observe an amateur charity tournament played by Comcast NBCUniversal military community employees.

There are plenty of potential careers in Esports including but not limited to Head Coaches, Backend Engineers, Development Managers, Game Designers, Broadcasters (Gamecasters), Gaming Mentors, Professional Gamers, and Game Night Staff Managers.

David O’Keefe, who studied journalism at The College of New Jersey in his home city of Trenton, covers games, Esports, tech, and entertainment. A freelance journalist and photographer, O’Keefe smiles at the very mention of leopard geckos or Warcraft 3. In his recent VentureBeat article, O’Keefe does call out some challenges for young gaming athletes looking to make a living, however, the growing popularity and investment in Esports venues is beginning to change this dynamic.

Given the diverse and arts driven population in Trenton, Esports certainly has a lot of potential to be a “game changer” right here in New Jersey’s Capital City.

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