If you’re a Mercer County resident looking to take your career to the next level, the One-Stop Career Center has all the tools you need for your next great opportunity.

In the heart of Trenton is Mercer County’s One-Stop Career Center, located at 26 Yard Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08650. Whether you’re looking to make advancement in your current occupation, learn skills to pivot into a new field, or want to spruce up your resum√©, help is available for all your career needs. The Center offers job seeker services, services for businesses, youth career connections, and more. Just a few of the fantastic services currently available to residents include:

  • Virtual Job Preparation Workshops: Every Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 am, you can participate in a free job preparation workshop. In collaboration with the African American Chamber of Commerce, these workshops provide job-seekers with great connections and resources. Some topics covered include time management, employment counseling, the job application process, financial literacy, and more. All are welcome to join the workshop. If you want to join, you can access the Zoom link here: Job Preparation Workshop – Zoom (Meeting ID: 822 1515 2288/PW: Mercer). Any questions may be directed to agonazales@mercercounty.org for additional details.
  • SkillUp Mercer: If you want to update or refresh your career skills, get ready to Skill Up! Mercer County residents ages 16 and older can access over 6,000 courses in high-demand fields. These free online courses empower learners to learn new skills, explore career opportunities, obtain industry-recognized credentials, and enhance employment marketability. Popular methods include accounting, human resources, information technology, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and more. You can register online here: Register – SkillUp! If you have any questions, please get in touch with mcotestraining@mercercounty.org for additional details.
  • Youth Career Connection: For our younger residents, the Career Center also has abundant opportunities for you! These services hope to connect young people with career opportunities and prepare individuals to seek, retain, and prepare for employment. Available services include career counseling, occupational training, high school equivalency preparation, access to paid internships, and employment assistance. Feel free to contact 609-989-6523, email the team at ycc@mercercounty.org, or swing by the Center for further information.

In addition to these services, the Center also offers transportation services, services for businesses, and more. All services provided to job-seekers are entirely free, ensuring that these opportunities are accessible to all. In addition to training materials for entry-level jobs, the Center also offers services for more advanced positions such as information technology and nursing. Regardless of whether you live in Mercer County, services are available to all, but non-residents are encouraged to utilize their regional services first. In addition, the One Stop system is nationwide, assuring job-seekers far and near can access these vital services.

The Center is here to help you take your career to the next stage, so take advantage of the abundance of opportunities available. If you have any questions or want to learn more about available services, please get in touch with vvelez@mercercounty.org or 609-989-6824¬†for further details. Next time you’re in Trenton, swing by the Center to level up your career!

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