An 112 year old neighborhood, the Frederick Law Olmsted Neighborhood, also known as Cadwalader Heights is truly a sight to see. The neighborhood was strategically designed by the late American landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted to reflect the meaning of community: diversity and inclusivity, as represented by the array of architectural styles of the homes.

Now, in 2019, the Cadwalader Civic Association will be hosting the “Cadwalader Heights: 112 Years Young” celebration. The celebration involves an exclusive tour and showcase of the 14 homes and their especial history. Taking place on Saturday, September 16, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., the civic association that oversees the communal neighborhood will be giving back to the community, particularly to the young Trentonians.

Cadwalader Heights’ motto: “We love our homes. We love our Olmsted design. We love our Trenton youth.” Staying true to this, the Cadwalader Civic Association will be donating all proceeds collected from the tour to three of the city’s most prominent youth organizations: Kappa Botics, Capital YMCA Youth Programming, and the Trenton Circus Squad.

“Trenton is chock full of talented and spirited young people,” said Kelly Ingram, house tour co-chair. “These organizations are three of the many that revel in giving our youth as much opportunity to grow their talents and shine bright. We are steeped in history here in Trenton and these kids, some of the many great young Trentonians, are beacons for an even better Trenton. They are proud Trentonians and we are thrilled for you to meet them as you tour our homes on the 14th.”

Teenage members of the three organizations will be present at the event and will share their tremendous hard work and achievements they have acquired.

Tickets are $20/person in advance on the Cadwalader Heights Neighborhood Association website or can be purchased on the day of the tour for $25/person at the registration center at the Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, located in adjacent Cadwalader Park, where there is free parking within easy walking distance of the neighborhood.

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