Route 29 and John Fitch Way are typically used for zooming from one destination to the other. What some residents or visitors of the city fail to realize is that a combination of nature, breath-taking views and tranquility can be found from a short distance within the area.

Aligned beside the Delaware River and extended above the Route 29 tunnel is South Riverwalk Park, known to most residents as Lamberton Park. Equipped with various benches, a children’s playground, pavilions, and an inquisitive historic space, the park is structured to accommodate visitors of all kinds.

The park, being 6.5 acres, is well prepared in terms of its structure, providing enough space for a multitude of activities to occur at once. Given the playground and historic area, children and other visitors can play and explore as they wish. For the more Zen of visitors, the left side of the park is the ultimate calm haven.

Lined with multiple benches, centered by a pavilion, guests are invited to sit down and enjoy the picturesque view of the river. Along this side of the park, which is typically the quieter side, visitors also have the space to walk their pets, jog, and even ride a bike.

At the end of the left side of the park, visitors can also capture beautiful photos, or bask in nature as they are surrounded by an abundance of colorful flowers.

South Riverwalk Park has much to offer to the many residents and locals of the city. The next time you’re traveling along the busy Route 29 or John Fitch Way, be sure to stop by South Riverwalk Park on Lamberton St, where you’ll be sure to find a peace of mind.

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