In the busy city of Trenton, getting some peace and quiet may seem impossible. With cars consistently driving down highways and roads, honking non-stop, enjoying a time of tranquility appears to be unfeasible. This notion, is actually false, for nestled throughout the city are various serene spaces, perfect for relaxation and clearing the mind, such as that of Mill Hill Park.

Located within the intersection of East Front St. and South Broad St., Mill Hill Park is popularly known for being the hotspot for city events. Taking a stroll along the 2.9 acre park, one will notice that Mill Hill Park is an inviting environment for those in search of pure bliss.

Equipped with a creek-side amphitheater, two large grass lawns, and walking paths, within the park there are various of cozy spots sure to cater to your recreational needs. Particularly, the park’s smaller lawn, located toward the end of the park, is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic with friends or even read a good book along the abundant, lush green grass.

Another tranquil space of the park is its amphitheater which rests alongside Assunpink Creek. A cool way to reach this amphitheater is by going down the set of stairs next to the park’s smaller lawn. This path, will take you under the 1888 Pratt Truss iron bridge, providing you with a closer view of the creek and its wonders.

The next time you find yourself in a rut attempting to de-stress, take a stroll down Mill Hill Park, where you’re sure to find absolute serenity.

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