Dr. Merodie A. Hancock, president, Thomas Edison State University, joined an esteemed list of higher education colleagues on the ROI Power List, released this week.

According to ROI, “Following the footsteps of a public education system that is regarded as the best in the country, the leaders of these institutions of higher education take the baton — serving a wide variety of needs and populations.

These schools graduate some of the top students in the country, many of whom will have global impact. Just as important, they will teach first-generation graduates that will have local impact of equal measure.”

The list described Thomas Edison State University as “online when online wasn’t … the salvation of education. TESU’s model of nontraditional learning suddenly is mainstream, enabling it to reach more nontraditional students.”

“I’m honored to be listed among this group of higher education leaders,” said Hancock. “New Jersey benefits from its holistic and diverse portfolio of higher education institutions — community colleges, four-year institutions, trade schools — it has something for every learner. At TESU, our students are the hard-working people who jointly pursue their careers and their education. They have hard-earned drive and passion and who use their degrees to change their lives.”

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