Op-ed provided by Mr. Sajid Syed, Chairman of Board of Directors, Medina Health Center

As we get closer to the opening of our new location, Medina Health Center- a free charity health center- we embark on a journey that intertwines faith, compassion, and service to uplift spirits and continue to restore the health of our community.  For the past ten years, I have served as the Chairman of the Board of Medina, founded by Trenton area Physicians Dr. Zahid Baig, Dr. Abdul Mughal, and myself in 2014. Our mission is to provide no-cost, high-quality healthcare services to underserved members of our community; through our network of volunteer doctors, we have provided a wide range of specialty healthcare to uninsured and underinsured patients, with a primary focus on the City of Trenton through referrals from Henry J. Austin Health Center and area hospitals.

Our “clinic without walls” model connects hundreds of patients annually with more than 35 Specialty Practices that see Medina patients free of charge in their offices.  Our Patient Care Navigator works with these referred patients to facilitate appointments and helps them navigate through the healthcare system.  Additionally, we arrange free transportation if needed. Over the last ten years, Medina has provided millions of dollars of high-quality pro-bono specialty care services in more than twenty-five specialties.

Through my work at Medina and service as the previous Chair and a current member of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen Board of Directors, I’ve witnessed the day-to-day challenges of health disparities, leaving medical care out of reach for too many.

We recognize that there are existing organizations in Trenton dedicated to providing healthcare access, and Medina is eager to support these endeavors. By unveiling our newly renovated facility at 828 N Olden Ave, Medina aims to contribute to the revitalization efforts and assist Trenton’s community in bridging the existing disparities. Medina’s mission is simple yet profound: every individual deserves dignity and care, regardless of their background or means. Inspired by the compassion of our faith, we extend healing hands to those in need. Medina isn’t just a healthcare facility; it represents a collective comprehensive commitment fueled by love and empathy.

Trenton’s strength lies in its diversity, and Medina reflects this by offering a range of services tailored to our community’s needs in our new location. From primary care to behavioral health and specialty care, we pledge comprehensive, holistic care that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. More than a physical space, Medina is a sanctuary of hope and belonging. Here, individuals aren’t reduced to statistics but embraced as valued community members needing support, understanding, and empowerment.  Medina’s partnerships will maximize our impact and the scale of services.

As the great Trentonian native, Dr. Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, Professor and Doctor of Black Maternal Health care at Tufts University, often says, “Change doesn’t happen in isolation.”  Let’s work together to honor each individual’s journey on Olden Avenue.

To learn more about Medina, please visit us at  www.medinahealthcare.org.

“The Medina Difference”

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