Let’s get moving, Trenton!

On October 29th, 2022, the American Physical Therapy Association of NJ (APTANJ) and Mercer County Community College will be offering health screenings for community members of all ages. The available tests will include the following:

  • Blood pressure/HR screen
  • Grip strength
  • 30 second sit to stand
  • Gait speed
  • Single leg stance test
  • Summary station/education

This event will be held at the health center at Mercer County Community College’s James Kerney Campus in Trenton. The address for the event is 101 North Broad Street, 2nd floor. Screenings will be conducted from 10am-12pm.

As October is Physical Therapy Month, APTANJ has chosen to give back to the community and offer free health assessments for any interested Trenton-area residents. According to Johns Hopkins University, routine screenings are beneficial for both the diagnosis and prevention of disease.

By receiving regular screenings, individuals are empowered to take charge of their health at any stage. Routine, thorough evaluation by a medical professional is key to better health outcomes and can even contribute to a longer lifespan.

As an organization committed to the communities it serves, APTANJ has made it their mission to create a stronger, healthier New Jersey. When asked what brought these initiatives about, Daniel Klim, the Executive Director of APTANJ, stated that this was to “support the community, be closer as an advocacy organization, and to be able to introduce physical therapy to Trenton residents.” By attending this event, Klim hopes that “residents can come out to get an understanding of movement, balance, blood pressure, grip strength, all the things we need to live a healthy and active lifestyle”.

APTANJ hopes to screen as many people as possible in order to make meaningful recommendations for their health. When asked about the importance of physical therapy, Klim stressed that this was an opioid-free alternative to pain relief and has the capacity to considerably improve a person’s condition. As Klim stated, “sometimes the best medicine is movement”.

If you wish to get involved at this event, APTANJ is currently seeking volunteers who can conduct free musculoskeletal screenings for participants.  Interested volunteers can register here: APTANJ – Sign-Up

If you have any questions prior to the event, please feel free to reach out to info@aptanj.org or (609) 570-3492.



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