Attention all Trentonians! Are you a resident of the Old Trenton neighborhood with an idea to revitalize or enhance your community but unsure how to get that vision off the ground? If so, the I Am Trenton Foundation is here to lend a helping hand with the launch of this year’s Old Trenton Neighborhood Grant applications.

The Old Trenton Neighborhood Grant initiative is a targeted opportunity for residents of the Old Trenton Neighborhood to bring their vision for a better community to life. Some of the many projects these grants can support include community projects, arts, culture, beautification, and business development. The parameters of the Old Trenton neighborhood consist of Hanover Street, which is bordered by Perry Street, State Street, Route 1, and N. Broad Street. Now through November 6th, community residents are invited to apply for grants of up to $8,000 to help support the enrichment of this corner of the Capital City.

If you plan on applying, please be aware that all grant activities must occur within the Old Trenton neighborhood. Applications are available in both English and Spanish. As it is easier for some to verbally explain their proposal than a written application, project details can be submitted as a short essay OR as a short video in English or Spanish.

Regarding eligible applicants, both businesses and individuals can apply with the following parameters in mind:

  • Businesses seeking business development funds must be located in the Old Trenton neighborhood or must use the project funds to create a new location in the Old Trenton neighborhood. Applications from entrepreneurs of color serving the Old Trenton community will be prioritized. 
  • Applicants planning to do community improvement may be located outside the neighborhood, but all activities must occur inside Old Trenton. Furthermore, 75% of project beneficiaries must be residents of Old Trenton. Applicants are expected to have a strong familiarity with the neighborhood, the ability to access locations in the area, the capacity to engage residents, etc.

Applicants do not need to be from a 501(c)3 nonprofit to apply; however, please note that any awarded grants are considered taxable income unless granted to a tax-exempt entity. Although larger organizations are invited to apply, I Am Trenton will prioritize projects led by residents and grassroots organizations. If you’re ready to use, detailed instructions and a link to the application portal can be found here on the I Am Trenton website: Applications – I Am Trenton.

I Am Trenton is a community-based organization committed to improving Trenton through community engagement, building pride in the city, and community-focused giving. An organization by and for Trentonians, I Am Trenton features a board comprised of no less than 75% Trenton residents. Through their work, I Am Trenton seeks to instill a sense of pride in residents of our community, highlighting the very best that the Capital City has to offer. If you’d like to read more about the organization, additional details are available online: I Am Trenton – Home.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your application, please get in touch with the I Am Trenton team at for further information. A brighter future for our community is just one idea away, so submit your application today!

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