If homeownership is on your list of goals for 2023, this weekend’s workshop will equip you with all the tools you need to make that dream a reality!

This upcoming Saturday, February 11th, Isles will host one of their beloved first-time homebuyers workshops. This all-day workshop gives prospective homeowners a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in purchasing their first home. Registration is $50 for individuals and $75 for couples. The course will take place from 8:45 am-4:00 pm at 33 Tucker St., Trenton, NJ 08618.

Please note that you must attend the entire workshop to receive a completion certificate. If you need accommodations of any sort, please get in touch with Isles to discuss accessibility options. Registration includes all you need for the day, including course materials, coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch. If you want to attend, you can register online here: Registration – F.T.H.

Purchasing a home for the first time can be a daunting task. However, entering the process with a game plan can help make this milestone more manageable. Throughout the course, you will be equipped with knowledge in the following subject areas:

  • What are the financial reasons for buying a home?
  • How much mortgage can I afford? Will I qualify?
  • What role does a realtor play? A lender? An inspector?

In addition to these essential topics, you will also learn more about available financial assistance programs. There are available resources for first-time homebuyers on the federal, state, and municipal levels. Upon completing this workshop, you will be empowered to seize all the attractive opportunities these programs offer.

So, why should you take a first-time homebuyer course? In addition to the practical knowledge, you can gain from the class, having a certificate of completion can be a valuable tool in accessing financing and other opportunities. For many assistance opportunities, potential homebuyers must complete a first-time homebuyer’s course to gain access to the program. Some benefits that can be accessed upon completion of a system include lower interest rates, more competitive pricing, and down payment assistance. Just by taking this one-day course, you could potentially enjoy savings on housing costs for years to come.

This course is hosted by Isles, a community development and sustainability non-profit in the Trenton area. Isles seeks to fulfill its mission of self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities through various community programming and resources. In addition to first-time homebuyer courses, Isles supports beneficial homeownership through lead and healthy home initiatives, foreclosure prevention, and community enrichment. Isles is always offering a variety of community education and events, so be sure to check out their calendar for a glimpse at all the exciting events they have to offer: Calendar – Isles.

Please get in touch with Isles at homehelp@isles.org or (609) 341-4714 with any questions you may have. From the start of your journey to your closing date, this course will prepare you to move forward confidently in the subsequent phases of your homeownership journey. Register today!

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