There is still time to join Rosa and Freddie Rosato for their annual coat drive running through Dec. 20. The Rosatos are community leaders who own the McDonalds on Chamber’s Street and spend the month of November and December giving back to the Trenton area. “It’s just something that I found very easy, very giving. During the winter times, it’s always community people organizations looking for coats and hats and scarves and socks and things like that,” Rosa said.

The event started five years ago with the two deciding to do more within the community. It was just a year after the two opened the McDonalds. Rosa explained that they were getting calls from people who had just moved into Trenton on where they could find coats for the winter.

“We’ve had people who have just moved from a warm climate, and they’ve reached out to us, and they’ve asked us, ‘Hey, listen, do you know anyone giving out coats?’ This family just came in. They have three kids and need different sizes. So I say, ‘give me the sizes, I’ll go get them.'” Rosa Rosato said. “We figured there has to be more than this family who has this need.”

Although it is a coat drive, the Rosatos also collect hats, gloves, scarves, and socks. “We call it a coat drive, but underneath, you’d have other little things you can also bring, so as we saw the need, we added those other few little things…inexpensive stuff to that anyone could help them donate,” Rosa said.

You can drop off coats, gloves, hats, socks, mittens, and other winter apparel at the McDonalds on Chambers Street at any point during their operating hours, or for physically larger donations, you can call the restaurant at (609) 989-1384 and ask for Rosa or Freddie. They can come to pick it up. “This is our is our duty to give back,” Freddie said. “We love doing this. This is our community. This is our home.”

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