Risk-management and insurance advisory firm, Borden Perlman, awarded over $2,500 to Alexis Alford, a Trenton-based Foundation Academy Collegiate alumna perusing her master’s degree higher education.

Alford, who graduated Foundation Academy Collegiate in 2016, completed her BS in Business Administration: Management & Marketing, at Centenary University this year. In the summer of 2018, she worked as an intern for Borden Perlman. During her time serving the company, Alford was inspired to continue her studies.

“That experience, combined with my passion for education led me to pursue my master’s degree in higher education in an administrative support role,” said Alford. “I know what it feels like to not know much about college, go through college depression, as well as just embarking into a new season. Being able to help others makes me happiest and reassures me I am walking in my purpose.”

According to Borden Perlman, as the world fights through the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of maintaining strong relationships within the local community has been magnified for schools, businesses, and nonprofits.

Graig Weiss, CEO of Foundation Academies said, “Now more than ever, we need Alexis’s voice and talents to help guide the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. We are so grateful to Borden Perlman for sharing our values, and to Alexis for doing the hard work to live her purpose and help others.”

In total, Alford will receive $2,900 from Borden Perlman to continue her education at Bloomberg University of Pennsylvania.

Jeff Perlman, Managing Partner of Borden Perlman said, “We applaud students, parents, teachers and the entire community at Foundation Academies for their dedication to college success, and we are thrilled to support Alexis, a member of the FA and BP families, in her admirable educational pursuits.”

As Alford continues her studies, she is looking forward to the opportunities this scholarship  and next level education will bring to her future.

“I’m passionate about my education because it’s one of the many things that I know will help me advance in life, next to my talents, she said. “Receiving these donations from Borden Perlman and The Friends of Foundation Academies is truly heartwarming. I’m more than thankful for this opportunity.”


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