For the past 45 years, families in Trenton have been able to turn to Millhill Child & Family Development Center to promote positive development for every family member. In fact, every year over 5,000 individuals are served directly through Millhill’s various services.

Located at 101 Oakland Street and 802 Prospect Street (both locations are around the corner from one another), Millhill offers families and individuals access to education, counseling, youth leadership, parenting, and family services. Starting at two and a half years old, a family can be introduced to Millhill by enrolling in their preschool program. Students and families are welcomed by a longstanding staff with members that have been there for several years as the program boasts a very low employee turnover. “Once they are in, families trust us and keep coming back.” said Executive Director Cynthia Oberkofler as she points how some parents who once attended the preschool now enroll their children. Additionally, this initial connection can lead to introduction of other services for more family members.

A parent can then utilize Millhill’s Parent Resource Center to accomplish tasks like filling out forms and completing job applications. A parent also gains access to various classes and trainings on parenting best practices and techniques.

Adults have access to Millhill’s robust counseling program that conducts over 16,000 sessions yearly serving people of all ages in individual and group sessions and classes. Director of Counseling Jordan Faiman and Executive Director Cynthia Oberkofler are proud of the work that their staff has done in reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health as their counseling center at 802 Prospect Street opened in 2015 and is flourishing. The program boasts an 85% attendance rate whereas other programs in other cities have attendance hovering in the 60% range. This highlights how adults trust Millhill and their staff in several areas.

Millhill also reaches family members between the preschool and adult range. The Youth Services Division at Millhill, directed by Michelle Thompkins, currently boasts three growing programs including The Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program which provides 100 Trenton youth ages 16-21 job training and access to summer employment opportunities; development of Trenton’s future civic leaders through their Next Generation Community Leaders which recently hosted a Mental Health Summit this past July; and the Trenton P.E.E.R.S. program, which helps create a team of “peer leaders” in the city of Trenton who reach over 2,000 Trenton youth annually through workshops that promote positive peer to peer interactions.

Millhill is unique as it promotes development of the entire family under one entity by acting as a “one stop shop” whereby families have access to multiple services. The organization has been steadfast in carrying out its goal to strengthen the community by empowering families in Trenton.

If you are interested in learning more about or connecting with Millhill Child & Family Development Center you can visit or call 609-989-7333.

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