NJM Insurance Group has committed $50,000 to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund’s Trenton Wi-Fi Initiative. The program will provide Wi-Fi hot spots for Trenton K-12 students engaged in online learning.

“With many school districts utilizing remote learning, it is critical to equip students and their families with the resources they need to succeed,” said Mitch Livingston, NJM President and CEO. “As part of NJM’s commitment to support the communities we are privileged to serve, we are proud to contribute to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund and this vitally important initiative.”

According to the New Jersey Department of Education, an estimated 231,000 devices, including hardware and connectivity devices, are needed to bridge the digital divide in the state. The need to address the digital divide is even more critical in urban areas like Trenton, where more than 1,200 students lack internet service. NJM’s funding will help cover the cost of 1,200 Wi-Fi hot spots and internet service for one year.

“COVID-19 magnified the challenge of ensuring that all students have access to technology across the country and in Trenton, where NJM was founded,” said Livingston.  “Our goal in supporting this initiative is to help our youth reach their academic potential.”

Earlier this year, NJM announced a $400,000 commitment targeting non-profits, including the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, to assist families, businesses, and communities impacted by the pandemic. More information about NJM’s response to the pandemic is available at njm.com/covid.

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