The BSB Gallery has reactivated one of Trenton’s many historic buildings, the Broad Street Bank building, by becoming an art museum right in the center of downtown Trenton. The impressive space in the former Broad Street Bank features high ceilings, huge columns, and the original ornate light fixtures. The mechanical works in each of the doors are all individually artistically engraved accompanied by existing vault doors that are works of art by themselves.

The gallery features exhibits throughout the year by showcasing various artists throughout the region, along with showcasing local businesses.

Now the BSB Gallery is excited to announce that they are launching educational programming for adults and children. From fine arts workshops and art demonstrations, lectures, and professional development, to performing and healing arts, the gallery encourages educators for all ages to apply to teach with them. The gallery is interested to hear new and innovative ideas that will create an impactful learning environment to inspire and invigorate the community members of the city of Trenton.

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