Starting today, Monday, November 9, 2020, Passage Theatre Company of Trenton is offering two online Learning Labs for the month of November.

Today, Passage Theatre will be releasing a Learning Lab video called Caring for My Community. Geared towards children in grades five through eight, the lab will help students brainstorm about the ways in which they can care for the members of their community. Students will be taught by two Passage Theatre artists and one special guest artists on how to make a piece of visual art that can be hung in the lobby of the Mill Hill Playhouse.

In a similar lab, Passage Theatre will be offering a How can I Help my Community lab on November 23, 2020. This lab is geared more towards a younger audience who are in first through third grade. In this lab, the artists will help students think about the ways that they can help members of their community. Students will write 1-2 sentences helping to script out what they would say to the person they want to help. They will then draw an illustration to show how it would look.

Passage Theatre Company has been offering these Learning Labs throughout the year. They pride their interactive videos on their ability to not only teach children about the art of live theatre, but also core communication and language art skills.

Each Learning Lab comes with a downloadable information packet about the engaging activity. Students, parents and teachers have the ability to view all “episodes” of learning lab individually or as a series. They all supplement each other in topic.

Passage Theatre Company will be keeping the series up for view until June 30, 2021. Although the Learning Lab series is free for participation, Passage Theatre requests donations to help keep this series up and running in.

To learn more about Passage Theatre Company and their Learning Labs, visit:


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