Since the 1930s, Pat’s Diner has been serving the locals of Trenton fresh, home-style cooked meals. Whether out to brunch, ordering to go, or craving a quick bite after a 2:00 a.m. shift, Pat’s Diner has been the “go-to” spot for many customers over the years.

Coming to the United States from Greece, owner John Mastoris faced much financial difficulty. Beginning his career working different occupations of the food industry (waiter, dishwasher, etc.), Mastoris became involved in the food preparation aspect of the culinary world. After bouncing back and forth between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Mastoris recalls, “opportunity came”, when distant relatives and previous owners, the Panajeotou Brothers, were selling the diner.

Though passed down through a line of owners, Pat’s Diner still carries on the legacy and standards it has created since its opening. The establishment’s main goal Mastoris says, is to provide, “good food for people in the neighborhood”. Not only has the diner catered to the cravings of its locals, but it has also created many job opportunities for them as well, another one of Mastoris objectives while working within the city.

Maintaining a customer friendly environment, the diner is open for twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Throughout the day, Pat’s serves an abundance of meals for customers to choose from. Some of the “customer favorites” of the establishment include the Chicken Parmesan, Vodka Rigatoni, and Chicken France. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, the diner also has specialties available everyday.

With 114 seats in the diner, there’s room for everyone! The next time you’re on your way home from church, work, or even a night out, pop into Pat’s Diner, located on 1300 S Broad St., Trenton, New Jersey, for some mouthwatering comfort food.

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