La Casa de Fuego: Sabor Latino


Located on 293 Ashmore Ave., Trenton, New Jersey, Sabor Latino, known as La Casa de Fuego (The House of Fire), is one of the city’s many gems. Open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. seven days a week, Sabor Latino delivers an energy that is the perfect blend of a vivacious, yet cozy atmosphere. Whether you’re out with friends, getting a drink after work, or simply dining at the establishment, Sabor Latino caters to all of its customer’s needs, for it is a restaurant, bar, and night club all in one. According to co-owner Wilson Vargas, the larger vision of the establishment is to expand their business within the game of growing establishments within the city of Trenton. 

If you’re ever stuck and have no clue what to eat, no worries, this restaurant serves four different types of cuisine! Making up the wide variety menu are meals derived from Dominican, Mexican, Guatemalan, and Costarican cultures, each plate crafted to deliver a sense of authenticity and comfort within every bite. Along with their signature dish Mofongo, fried sweet plantains, shrimp empanadas and other tasty options available on the menu, are a multitude of drinks and beverages made at the bar. 

Ensuring that customers are able to enjoy the establishment and all it has to offer, Sabor Latino hosts various events weekly. From Food Truck Tuesday to Thirsty Thursday, the business is constantly expanding its activities, especially with the addition of live DJ and band performances. With these events are many special offers and deals, such as Bring Your Own Bottle days for just $15 a cover charge and all you can eat lunch buffets for $10, on select days. Deals are limited and events vary daily, so be sure to check out Sabor Latino on Facebook ( for more information.