Last week the Trenton Community was mourning over the loss of 9-year-old Sequoya Bacon-Jones, who was shot on Friday, March 25. After this shooting, County Prosecutors held a press conference which spurred the community to host a peace rally that came together in less than three days.

The rally was held on Saturday to support the Bacon-Jones family. Teska Frisby is with Mom’s Demand Action and City Gun; she explained that she helped put the rally together. “I got a phone call from the family. Just two days ago, this event was just put together within three days. They wanted to do something peaceful within the city…They wanted to make sure there was positive action… they want to have it so that we can bring the community together to bring out a sense of peace,” Frisby said. 

The rally was held on Saturday, bringing Trenton families out to show their support. “We want to make sure that folks understand that we’re here, we matter, and…let them know that we see them. We’re here to support them in whatever way we can,” Frisby said. 

The rally held speakers, a bouncy house, the ROTC program performing a flag ceremony, and many other events in Mill Hill Park. Melanie Clayton is a Trenton resident who attended the rally. She explained that she was here to support the family and see her community come together. “We’re here supporting the peace rally,” Clayton said. “It’s important to see the community come together.” 

Tyneshia Wharton, another Trenton resident in attendance, explained that events like this are important for the city to understand what Trenton residents need from their city. “Sometimes we think we know what the community needs. But unless you’re out there in the middle of the community asking the question of the residents, you really don’t know what they need,” Wharton said.  

Many came out to speak, including Pastor Mark Broach from Trenton Deliverance Center, Community Activist Jasi Edwards, Community Activist Darren Freedom Green; State Investigator Jenna Figueroa Kettenburg, East Trenton Collaborative Program Director Caitlin Fair; Commissioner Sam Frisby, Community Activist Crystal Feliciano and Mayor Reed Gusciora among others. “We all do have to come together as a community. We all should work as one,” Mayor Reed Gusciora said, “So while we don’t have all the answers, we can all help each other lean on each other’s shoulders and talk to the kids to make sure that they’re on the on the right path.”

Overall, Trenton residents and community leaders want the family to know that the community is here for them. “We want to make sure that we can let the families know if you need us, we’re here, we’ll help you, support you… We’ll try and help out as best as we can,” Frisby said.

For anyone who wants to donate to help the family with funeral expenses, there is a GoFundMe. Donate at

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