For so many of us, our animals are like family. They bring joy to our lives with friendly faces and the unconditional love that only a pet can provide. Now, you can show some love back by getting your four-legged friend vaccinated and microchipped at the upcoming clinic in Trenton.

Cats and dogs are invited to Unity Square Park on Saturday, November 19th, for vaccines and microchipping. The event will be held from 11 am-2 pm rain or shine. The event is first-come, first-served basis. Aside from microchipping and vaccines, there will also be limited financial assistance available for those seeking to spay/neuter their pets. All dogs must be on a leash and cats must be in a carrier to participate. If you do not have a leash/carrier or if your pet is reactive to other animals, staff members will be available on-site to assist.

Microchipping your pet is a fast and effective way to make sure you and your pet can be reunited in case of separation. The microchip is a painless, one-time procedure and makes sure that your pet will be linked back to you if found. The microchip does not contain any personal data – if found, only authorized parties like a veterinary office will be able to access the unique reference code associated with your pet. The chip does not need to be replaced, will last a pet’s lifetime, and can give you peace of mind knowing you and your pet can be reunited in case of an emergency.

The vaccine and microchip clinic is hosted by People for Animals, an organization committed to providing affordable veterinary care for all. Besides community events like this, People for Animals also offer a variety of other services including low-cost spay and neutering, trap-and-release workshops, and more. This is done to keep our furry friends healthy, happy, and thriving.

If you have any questions before the event, please contact People for Animals at or (609) 208-3252.

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