Porzio Governmental Affairs, based on Trenton, NJ, has secured its first offshore wind client, entering the burgeoning industry, the firm announced on Thursday.

The client is a joint venture between RWE Renewables, one of the globally leading companies in offshore wind, and National Grid, one of the largest energy companies pivotal to the energy systems in the United Kingdom and the north-eastern United States. Last month, in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) New York Bight auction, the joint venture secured area OCS-A 0539, with a winning bid of $1.1 billion. The awarded seabed off the coast of New Jersey has the potential to host three gigawatts (GW) of capacity, enough to power 1.1 million U.S. homes. The project is expected to be in operation toward the end of the decade.

On Wednesday, the client announced the official name of their joint venture, Community Offshore Wind, which is committed to delivering sustainable energy safely, reliably and efficiently to the communities that it serves. The name reflects the benefits it will bring to local communities, with the tagline, “Local clean energy for all.”

Porzio Governmental Affairs is well-renowned in both the State House and the community. The firm has decades worth of experience navigating the political and regulatory landscape both inside and outside of government. The client will be represented by Rebecca C. Lubot, Ph.D., M.Sc. Rebecca, a Director at Porzio Governmental Affairs who holds a master’s degree from the UK and a doctoral degree from NJ, will lead the firm’s governmental affairs, workforce development and coalition-building initiatives to support client needs in this space.

“Community Offshore Wind’s project presents an exciting opportunity to help meet federal and state climate goals while taking advantage of a diverse, home-grown talent pipeline. We look forward to working with Community Offshore Wind to engage with policy decision-makers, business leaders, and community stakeholders to ensure the project’s success from inception to completion,” stated Lubot.

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